The QUEST (Questioning Underlies Effective Science Teaching) program is a summer weeklong, hands-on program for New Jersey elementary, middle and high school teachers.

In July 2022, we are organizing a 4-day session on "Climate Change: Exploring Solutions to a Complex Problem”. What is the role of human activity in the changing climate? How do we know if a proposed strategy or solution for minimizing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will be effective? As educators we can empower the next generation to make informed choices when responding and adapting to the changing climate. See details here.

In July 2019, the session on “Weather & Climate” introduced key climate factors such as air pressure, greenhouse effect, clouds and winds, and how these factors relate to weather and climate variability. In this session, Resplandy led a topic course on "El Niño Events and Climate Impacts" including hands-on activities to introduce the physical responses associated with El Niño events, its global impacts and proposed ideas that teachers in grades 3-8 can use in their classrooms.

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