GEO 202 - Ocean, Atmosphere and Climate

Spring semester

An introduction to the ocean, atmosphere, and climate from the perspective of oceanography.  Topics include coastal processes and ecosystems; open ocean processes including atmospheric circulation and surface ocean ecosystems; deep ocean circulation and chemical cycling, climate history of Earth and impacts of humans on the earth system (e.g. ocean resources and climate change).

ENV 367/GEO 367 - Earth System Modeling, assessing mitigation strategies

Fall semester

Climate predictions depend not only on how much greenhouse gases are emitted, but also on the interplay between the four components of the earth system: the atmosphere, the oceans, the cryosphere and the land. Students use a “compact” earth system model that includes the four components of the climate system, to examine how the system responds to human activities and natural climate variations, design mitigation scenarios and think critically about models’ strengths and limitations.