Professor Laure Resplandy is a biogeochemical oceanographer.  Her research goals are to understand how climate and ocean physics influence marine biogeochemistry and ecosystems and how these changes can in turn impact the climate itself.  Prof. Resplandy's approach is to design and develop numerical models (from ocean regions to global climate system) and statistical tools to interpret in-situ and satellite observations.

Research Interests:

  • Changes in ocean oxygenation.
  • Global change, ocean acidification and carbon cycle.
  • Influence of ocean physics on biological activity and biogeochemical fluxes.
  • Climate modeling, ocean small-scale (1 to 100 km) modeling.


Research cruise. Photo by Abigale Wyatt, Princeton Department of Geosciences

New study estimate ocean warming using atmospheric O2 and CO2 concentrations. We are aware the way we handled the errors underestimated the uncertainties.  We are working on an update that addresses this issue.  We thank Nicholas Lewis for bringing this to our attention.

Professor Resplandy presenting keynote talk in Kiel, Germany

From September 2-7, 2018 more than 300 scientists from 33 countries met in Kiel, Germany, to discuss the decline of ocean oxygen, its causes and consequences.  Prof. Resplandy's keynote presented how we can monitor oceanic oxygen loss using atmospheric measurements. 

Abigale Wyatt aboard the R/V Sally Ride. Credits: Abigale Wyatt

A blog from NASA Export Cruise by GEO Ph.D. Student Abigale Wyatt. She is currently working on the R/V Sally Ride for a month-long cruise to study how plankton in the ocean affect the carbon cycle and, ultimately, the climate.